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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Looking for a non-technical beginners and intermediate users manual in plant nomenclature that explains scientific names, common names, cultivated and trade names, and what changes in plant classifications that could lead to name changes? Here it is, free to download and use:. This manual by Lena Struwe Botanical Accuracy LLC "Ny lettisk lag valkomnas" sponsored by the Personal Care Products Council PCPC for the purpose to promote botanical accuracy and botanical education worldwide and is free to download and use by anybody interested in botany, horticulture, agriculture, herbal medicine, commercial plant products, and edible plants.

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See second page of the manual for detailed copyright and usage information. It covers wild, agricultural, and horticultural plant names and their rules and practices in a global perspective. To illustrate rules and practices many real examples and explanatory figures are also included some of these can be downloaded separately, see below.

In the manual it is explained how plants get their scientific names, the basics of how the International Code of Nomenclature ICN works, how common and local names are used and Ny lettisk lag valkomnas across the world, the naming of cultivated plants with cultivar and group names, and also a short section on commercial names from patents, trade names, and other protected names used in commerce.

Group overview

The manual ends with instructions and recommendations on how to to use botanical names in commercial products, how to format names, and an index to common abbreviations and symbols in plant nomenclature. The Naming of Plants by Lena Struwe pdf, 53 pp downloads.

You can also download presentation slides of the figures in the manual to use for classes or for other educational purposes:. Naming of plant hybrids scientific namesexamples from Helianthus and Allamanda.

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How a paraphyletic group can get reclassified so it becomes a monophyletic group. Schematic of how cultivated and scientific names are used for species, cultivars, and group names. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home About Copyright and citation Contact. Blog Stats 11, hits.

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The Naming of Plants — explanations and examples, by Lena Struwe Know your numbers — Your body as a linear scale for plant species identification and description Toxic plants in the emergency room — fast and furious botanical role play Video: Hunting for New Species in the Chihuahuan Desert Restoring Forests on Old Coal Mines Carnivorous Pitcher Plants Hawkmoth Pollination in the Desert Skunk Cabbage is Smelly… and Important 8: Botany Depot on Facebook. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by Ny lettisk lag valkomnas.

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The Naming of Plants — explanations and examples, by Lena Struwe. Here it is, free to download and use: Figures from The Naming of Plants manual by Lena Struwe ppt downloads Examples of figures included in the download: August 21, In college levelcontinuing and professional educationhandoutinformal learning not in classroomK elementary to high schoolmanualpresentation slides agriculture botanical accuracy botanical Latin botany botanydepot classification code Ny lettisk lag valkomnas names common names cultivated plants ethnobotany families genus history horticulture ICN ICNCP manual monophyly nomenclature paraphyly patent names pdf phylogeny plant names polyphyly species trade trademark wild plants.

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