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Utrensningar pa turkiska departement


Sit down and let me tell you a story about excuses made by moslems and cultural relativists. S Utrensningar pa turkiska departement you have any questions regarding the content or wish to get more knowledge about a part of this text and have it extended, contact my twitter account. Why blame religion for the wickedness of people? We have frequently seen that whenever we speak about the helplessness of moslems or of their disunity and the different sects, they respond: We say that people have always been wicked and the very purpose of having a religion is to turn wickedness to goodness.

The fact that a religion is unable to make their followers good and unite them is evidence that the religion has deteriorated. When Islam appeared, the Arab people were irreligious idol worshippers with many bad qualities.

Muhammad taught them theism and he introduced several solutions of his time. Prohibition Utrensningar pa turkiska departement sex before marriage, people underestimate this. This is a time where sickness meant death, no condoms exists and doctors was not for the common man. It was crucial to keep masses of people committed to one partner.

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Pigs eat their own shit, and people ate them and got sick. Clean yourself before entering a holy place. This taught people to take care of their hygiene, lowering sickness. This is all very logical things to preach to his time moslems still believes it was holy, but that "Utrensningar pa turkiska departement" another debate This is what a religion should do, unite their followers to do good things and work for progress.

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The detriments of Islam, whether it is social injustice gender inequalityterrorist organisations or corrupt establishments stem from the religion itself. It is from this religion that various sects have appeared and disunity has been created amongst its followers. People do not follow Religion. This Utrensningar pa turkiska departement another excuse. When they are unable to respond to you, as if they have heard nothing, suddenly they say: We mean that this is not true, people do follow their religion.

Moslems practise the beliefs they can practise, they perform prayers, they fast, they perform pilgrimage, they build mosques, they read the Quran, they pay khoms and zakat religious tax. Despite that the Muslim world is entangled in violence and war we see that they have not given up going to Mecca and suffer any kind of hardship to go there. As the best they could they avoided paying taxes, they refused to let their children join the military service.

They had no respect for the laws because they were not based on Shariah or Islamic guidance and took pride in breaking them. In accordance with their beliefs. This is Islamic rule at its finest, they have declared a caliphate and its rule is not different from Umar ibn-khattab.

The genocide of Yazidis are in accordance with the teaching of the Quran itself and with the spread of Islam. Umar ibn-khattab commited a genocide against Zoroastrians in Iran, enslaved the women and executed the men who did not submit to Islam. Still people consider these Moslems as non-moslem and the Alcohol consuming, tobacco smoking, sexually active Muslims in the West Utrensningar pa turkiska departement the true representation of Islamic belief.

They follow their religion like it was followed years ago. Let us reform religion. These are two nonsensical excuses. It must be said: These are merely just justifications. No cleric or common moslem has ever given up their sect Shia,sunni,sufi and tried to understand and teach the original religion.

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The Wahhabis have taken steps towards this direction, but despite that they are seeking the first Islam they are rejected. People call them un-islamic for this reason. Secondly, returning religion to its origin is not a task that everyone is capable of doing. They have to be asked, what was the cause behind the religion deviating from its original course, to which now you want to return it?

If you knew and are capable of following this original religion, why Utrensningar pa turkiska departement you not accept it from the very beginning? So boldly they want to return the religion to its supposed very peaceful past, as if it was as easy as drinking water. As we said, this tradition of thinking started at the time of Al-Afghani and has become a source of chaos within the religion.

On one hand, it has become a justification between the sects, who use it to insist on their ignorant ways. This is common amongst practising moslems, they only read history when it suits Utrensningar pa turkiska departement. I mean, the first Caliphs were bloodthirsty and wiped out several civilizations.

But those parts of Islam that is not criticized, they are suddenly a part of the religion and always has. We have perfect examples of these views in Europe.

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From a eurocentric view, prayers, mosques, traditional clothing, not eating pork or consuming alcohol are all considered a part of Utrensningar pa turkiska departement because it is of no concern to others other than the individual. I have plenty Utrensningar pa turkiska departement write and a lot of clerics to recommend. As long as the Quran exists, Islam also exists. This is their final stupid cringy justification.

If you are talking about the original Islam, that has nothing to do with you. Neither do you know it, neither you know its meaning, neither do you follow it. You have absolutely no right to justify all the ills of Islam with this statement when it is just empty words.

It is despite of the existence of Quran, all these sects of Islam have appeared! It is from this Quran, these sects both get their beliefs Utrensningar pa turkiska departement and their justifications from! What use is the Quran to you when all of this could happen even when it exists? All these sects can find some verse that can go along with their beliefs and then continue with their devious ways.

Despite the Quran, moslems kill eachother. Despite the Quran, Utrensningar pa turkiska departement gain power and then fight eachother and leave countries not only in disunity Utrensningar pa turkiska departement disarray but in grave danger from imperialists. Despite the Quran, imperialists ignited sectarian hatred into heart and minds of Moslems and made them slaughter eachother. So before you try to preserve a religion that does not matter in modern world, try to at least have some dignity and not use this statement.

Reza Shah abolished the Constitution and made himself absolute dictator, he was an effective diplomat and got himself a peace agreement with the Communist Party in which the Soviet Union promised to keep out of Iranian internal affairs. Once he had taken over power on his own, he began to build up Iran from Utrensningar pa turkiska departement. He began with the media infrastructure and improved Iranian roads.

He also countered crime that took place on the major roads by putting out police troops along the roads. He began to gradually make Iran an independent country and started the first Iranian national bank.

Before it was a Russian business. If people wonder why Iranians Utrensningar pa turkiska departement the West integrate so well into Utrensningar pa turkiska departement society, this is the reason.

The government sponsored European educations for many Iranian students. The number of modern industrial plants increased fold under Reza Shah excluding oil Utrensningar pa turkiska departementand the number of miles of highway increased from 2, to 14, Reza Shah discredited and eliminated a number of his ministers. His minister of Imperial Court, Abdolhossein Teymourtash, was accused and convicted of corruption, bribery, misuse of foreign currency regulations, and plans to overthrow the Shah.

He was removed as the minister of court in and died under suspicious circumstances while in prison in September The minister of finance, Prince Nosrat-od-Dowleh Firouz Mirza who played an important role in the first three years of his reign was convicted on similar charges in May and also died in prison in January Ali-Akbar Davar, his minister of justice, was suspected of similar charges and committed suicide in February Eradication of corruption in civil servants, paying wages in time so people did not have to rely on bribes.

Creation of national school system and schoolbooks; before Reza Shah the Islamic madreseh was the only form of schooling and the Koran the only widely available book. Creation of birth certificates and Identification cards for all Iranians Reza shah was removed from power by the Allies during World War two. Reza Shah was accused of supporting Nazis.

The occupation of Iran continued throughout the entire war. Stalin and his plan for Iran was scratched because of Western support for Pahlavi. Soviet troops left Iran and both republics dissolved only about 9 months after they were established. Pahlavi was basically doing nothing untilthere was an attempt to take his life. Shocked by the event he finally takes up constitution from and swore to rule as a constitutional monarch.

In free elections were held, the Iranian National Front and its leader, Mohammad Mossadegh, won with popular support. Iran was after such a long struggle, finally a democracy. The new administration introduced a wide range of social reforms: Twenty percent of the money landlords received in rent was placed in a fund to pay for development projects such as public baths, rural housing, and pest control.

Demands for oil nationalization was expressed through mass demonstrations. Mosaddegh explained his nationalization policy in a 21 June speech:. Our long years of negotiations with foreign countries…have yielded no results thus far.

With the oil revenues we could meet our entire budget and combat poverty, disease, and backwardness among our people. Another important consideration is that by the elimination of the power of the British company, we would also eliminate corruption and intrigue, by means of which the internal affairs of our country have been influenced.

Once this tutelage has ceased, Iran will have achieved its economic and political independence. The Iranian state prefers to take over the production of petroleum itself. The company should do nothing else but return its property to the rightful owners.

It has been asserted abroad that Iran intends to expel the foreign oil experts from the country and then shut down oil installations. Vi har världskrigen och vi har utrensningarna i Sovjetunionen på talet . earlier by the U.S. State Department for human rights violations. På talet kom regionen under Osmanska riket för att under talet bli ryskt.

Under det rysk-turkiska kriget erövrades Suchumi år och ett departement för Abchazien och en generalguvernörspost över Abchazien. Med utrensningarna följde även ett förtryck av den abchaziska etniciteten: det. Nina Karlsson, Department of Archaeology and Sami Studies, Umeå University, SE 87 Umeå, Sweden. Umeå ISBN. på Institutionen för arkeologi och samiska studier vid Språkgranskning av de engelska texterna har dessutom Sådana utrensningar medför sannolikt att det.