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Ncc far finsk order


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Please note that this ship Ncc far finsk order a "working hull" which means it consists of a complete outer hull with all necessary equipment needed to move and maneuver, but the interior is mostly unfinished, no weapons have been placed, and a fair amount of time will be required by the individual user s in order to 'complete' the ship.

This build is enormous, taking up the full length and width allowed by the game in which to build a capital vessel. The saucer section and nacelles are modelled after the USS Discovery NCC, with design cues taken from the Shenzhou regarding Ncc far finsk order position of the nacelles below the main hull and swept forward instead of back.

The main hull section containing the shuttle bay and deflector dish are my own design. The ship is surprisingly nimble in space, with good handling and reasonable acceleration forward. Braking and lateral acceleration are a bit sluggish, but still quite reasonable given the size of the ship.

The ship can function in gravity, but not well. It is capable of escaping Omicron's Ncc far finsk order well by pitching up and accelerating forward. For better handling in gravity, more lift thrusters would be required.

There is currently plenty of power output available to add more lift thrusters, and also plenty of room to add more generators and fuel tanks if needed.

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Things you will need to add or consider adding depending on what you want from the ship: The ship currently has none, and the hull is too large for there to be any one 'ideal' configuration. What weapons you place and where will be up to each individual user to determine for themselves. The ship has a large amount of oxygen storage included with the blueprint, but there are no ventilation Ncc far finsk order. If you wish to have the ship pressurized, you'll need to add your own.

If you want more access points, you'll have to Ncc far finsk order them. Also, the interior of the ship is very open; if you want to compartmentalize the ship for pressurization purposes, you may want to consider adding some thoughtfully placed doors and walls - The interior of the small saucer ring is divided into rooms, but no floors have been added.

Ncc far finsk order you finish this part of the ship by adding floors as indicated, you will end up with 4 decks and rooms in total. Most of the rooms will require doors and paint, texture, furnishings and lighting will be mostly up to the end user. You may find some sections of the ship have no gravity, but that can be easily corrected.

With a bit of work, this would be a great ship to build a scenario around, but with a size class of 69 you won't be spawning it on a server without special permissions. Almost stacks of sathium required.

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