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Iskaffe med fascisterna


Fikk 25 mg nozinan kl. Bhaman kom og ville ta skoene mine. Konfronterte lege med at ingenting var Iskaffe med fascisterna gjort siden 6. Snakket med advokat, gikk igjennom vitne greier og dokumenter. Han vil fremlegge journalen for oktober som bevismateriale. Fikk 25mg Nozinan kl. Som tidligere nevnt har visstnok noen satt opp min tidligere addresse som post addresse.

Videre hen sa hun at det var fordi personalet var redd jeg skulle ty til vold Iskaffe med fascisterna de skoene, til det svarte jeg, har jeg brukt vold mot noen ansatte siden jeg ble lagt inn? De eneste som har brukt vold hittil er personale selv gjennom bruk av tvang.

Satt og diskuterte krigs historie med Eivind og mye teoretisk om hvordan WW2 kunne ha spilt seg ut, hvis Tyskland hadde invadert England.

And when I try to Iskaffe med fascisterna with people they treat me like i am garbage to be thrown out… Is this the liberal free social democratic country said to be the best country to live in? Here i tend to get the feeling they do not put out a hand to help you up from the sinkhole, no they use their fancy Nike shoes to push you further down in it.

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I have nothing, I am nothing, future looks like another year of nothing but existing, detained, being force fed tablets and needles, my only joy a "Iskaffe med fascisterna," chain smoking. No matter how hard I try, all i do is pound my head into a wall built by the society and upheld by everyone I meet. Hun skulle sjekke litt omkring.

De var tydeligvis ikke orientert om saken. Mye folk som prata i bakgrunnen. Fikk meg en gratis brus. Han hadde organisert slik at vi fikk hentet post i leiligheten idag. I have decided to write in English rather than Norwegian, it has no point in writing in Norwegian, as there are no interest in general for activists and individuals detained and persecuted in Norway, unless your a asylum seeker Iskaffe med fascisterna a regime in opposition to Norway.

And the so called movement in Norway has no interest what so ever see below. It seems I will not be allowed to take a walk to the rikshospitalet today to check the internet, as i would have to pass dinner in order to do so.

If you ask, its because of changing of the guard at I will instead bargain with the evening guards for a walk to the shop. To buy coffee and refill the phone card. I do not see much point in contacting them anymore, Kim has joined a Iskaffe med fascisterna party and therefor in my views is not anarchist but rather a political opponent now???.

AlltogetHer I have no idea who reads the emails or watches their phones, as they never take action or show themselves. The only organization in Scandinavia that has taken action is WSO — we shall overcome wso. And for the first time ever since I came here, I actually got a answer in writing on the application, and it was denied permission of leave, as usual. Talked to Miriam, Synne and Marcus about tattoos for almost 40 minutes or something, showed them the ones I have and talked about the ones I am planning.

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And I have designed a tattoo to have on the chest with black flags Iskaffe med fascisterna the text anarchism — for a free humanity, it will cost alot though since it has colors in it.

Then we discussed the violence of forced medication with injections which she is a fervent supporter of. If you would then you are a terrorist by that regimes standards. Nothing came out of the meeting. We discussed medication and I asked if it was not strange that even though I receive this fantastic rispedal injections, i still have to take Nozinan in order to sleep. In fact the only effect rispedal have is to make me lazy, apathetic and more cooperative and make me impotent. She talked a bit about that we were going to meet in court and she hope I understand she has to do what she has to say and do in that court to maintain and justify this detention and their use of violence.

Forced medication Received, Pain the the whole right foot, especially upper part, they came with force, a whole parade of guards to ensure they could bring me down and hold me down if needed. I expect pain in the testicles in the Iskaffe med fascisterna days as that has happened every time after the Iskaffe med fascisterna. Per organized so i could go out for a walk to the shop with two guards, so I managed to get some fresh air.

I expect that next week the hospital will punish me for writing openly about my situation by denying me Iskaffe med fascisterna and internet, which is good treatment for someone they claim is suffering from isolation, I am more isolated now than ever before in my entire life.

Guards to not count as socializing. According to Lawyer I am free to exersize my freedom of speech, at the doctors discretion so if I say anything negative about them I risk Isolation, however he would put forth a complaint if they try to shut me up.

So now begins a slow and mentally painful weekend of nothing, nothing Iskaffe med fascisterna nothing can be done and absolutely nothing to do. Talked to ex-girlfriend in Korea, and exchanged some info with a comrade on the internet briefly. So I still have to have two guards with me to go outside, which translates into that I practically never get to go out. They still have not contacted Alexander Penley, which they agreed to do 3 weeks ago. I have not either heard back from Alexander Penley and I might need to replace him with my ex-girlfriend.

The problem is that my ex-girlfriend "Iskaffe med fascisterna" a fervent supporter of medication for absolutely everything except living life as I should be doing. They are still working on the individual plan, must be a very complicated plan, and she had a talk "Iskaffe med fascisterna" the doctor at Grorud DPS that committed me to hospital in thefirst place on absolutely no real grounds, Marek Kielszczyk, apparantly he is going to be the main contact now, when I am released and they cannot release me without a plan, which they never finish working on.

And I refuse to have anything to do with that Marek Kielszczyk guy anyway. Actually the only thing they managed to fix so far in almost two month since I came here is my bed. She also said that I could not post employees name on the internet, and I should just say employee instead of name.

I replied that they are to be held responsible and I refuse to let them hide behind the grey concrete walls of this institution, and if she had a problem with that she should write me out, as there are no real psychiatric reasons for holding me detained here. Going to phone Alexander today and ask him where the copies are of the complaints he said he sent regarding that the hospital refuses to deal with him.

So its totally acceptable for these people to threaten, harass, tell people lies about me, but if I respond that is a crime and illegal behavior, fuck these pigs. Miriam and Synne took me to the Rikshospital central hospital where I could access internet for free. The original Journal from November got corrupted, so I had to restore what I could and begin a new journal for November. Written a Permission to release information statement to Iskaffe med fascisterna hospital Iskaffe med fascisterna the individuals mentioned:.

Had a long talk to Kim, I seem to have over reacted a bit in regard to the Norwegian movement and people. However will see how things goes but for me it looks completely surrealistic this whole situation.

So its totally acceptable for these people to threaten, harass, tell people lies about me, but if I respond that is a crime and illegal behaviour, fuck these pigs. Managed to clean up the german forum and shut down the Italian forum. Iskaffe med fascisterna I posted a message about the spam in the english forum which is still operative. Woke up around actually some time before since they come to your room and try to wake you up for some meaningless morning gathering in which they inform Iskaffe med fascisterna of what is planned for the day.

Interview at with a student who writing a master about forced psychiatry. Nothing happened today absolutely nothing, just been sitting here most of Iskaffe med fascisterna day to lazy to do anything constructive. Added some music and noam chomsky speeches to the phone from the computer.

Got Sleeping medicine at Went to the rikshospital to check the internet with two guards, however the internet did not work, so I have to go back at some other time.

Went to shop Iskaffe med fascisterna bought some ice-coffee, smoke and refill for the "Iskaffe med fascisterna," went with two guards. Didnt take Nozinan this evening, that drug combined with the injections make so so lazy and tired all day, that everything I try to do becomes a struggle in itself.

Got sleeping medicines at 10mg stilnoct and 5 mg valium, sleeping medicine is a necessity in order to sleep when institutionalized. Woke up about Didnt sleep well at all, was up to around because Im trying to reduce the drugs.

Also without appointment I cannot get my application of permission of leave for the weekend processed. Finally it arrived, the lawyer sent me all of the hosppital records for me to go through. Its the first time I had access to them as a whole. Found lots of errors in them, going to read through them all in the weekend, and mark of all the errors or erronous writings.

Played cards with her most of the evening, washed my clothes. Talked to Alexander for a while, was suprisingly cheap with this new subscription to phone him. Played some cards, spend hours going through the hospital Iskaffe med fascisterna correcting errors and pointing out a lot of issues. Apparantly my sister was in touch with the hospital in North of Norway behind my back and was demanding that I was to be transferred to the hospital in Oslo for unknown reasons. Also my sister was the mastermind behind my arrest in Germany in and hospitalization there.

Subsequently my mother protested heavily to my sisters and my fathers secret plans to get me deported from south korea the following years. Nothing special happened today read some of the hospital records, and fell asleep for the afternoon. Had to go to the rikshospital at 10 am to download all the previous journals days Iskaffe med fascisterna november 1 st to november Most of the day was tired and hangiver from the sleeping medications so I did not manage to read so well the hospital records.

Started reading the hospital records in the afternoon alsmot finished them Iskaffe med fascisterna this point Day in court was long, first the attorney for the government spent more than an hour and more than the time set up for him agitating the case.

That took about two hours and we had a short break of 5 minutes afterward I took the stand and explained my side of the story, I pointed "Iskaffe med fascisterna" the enourmous amount of mis-information there was in the hospital records, and went in some detail when asked by my lawyer to explain.

The "revolution of flowers" that...

I also went into the business of the threats I recieve when hospitalized from other inmates, this particulary happens mostly when in emergency hospital wards, where most people are sorted out before either being dismissed or sent onward into the system of the psyciatry.

The attorney fo the state asked me very few questions, he did however make the mistake of asking how it came to be I was comitted this time, and I explained that I came to an appointment with the Psychologist and they has obviously schemed behind my back and prepared Iskaffe med fascisterna to have me comitted so while I was sitting talking about my alchohol related problems, they Iskaffe med fascisterna organizing the police and ambulance and everything.

In the end it made the hospital and the state attorney look bad I think, and therefor he did not ask me any more questions after that. However she pressed "Iskaffe med fascisterna" a permanent hospitalization was neccesary to contain my illness and that I posed a threat to myself and others.

That Lamin dude needs to get a grip. Alexander however came through and made a great testimonal, and said he could not see any signs of mental illness in his contact with me over the years. Then in the end both attorneys had a closing argument, I think my lawyer made a very good closing argument while the state attorney was somewhat dry and mostly quoting past sentences and using them to claim that forced hospitalization had to be maintained.

Rest of the day I spent mostly resting as I was tired because I stood up to early. Got up fucking early today, because the alarm was set up to go off at O. stores for a box of Iskaffe (iced coffee) — Iskaffe med fascisterna for 19 krone ($3). in Germany, there is a smoldering fascist element in German society. aug Var i butikken kjøpte store mengder iskaffe og bellman silver, hadde en . fascist . religiøse symboler og klær kan jo virke støtende på ateister.


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