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New media technologies continuously result in extensive product development and thus new offers, new distribution channels, more effective tools for marketing management, more opportunities for market and marketing communications, increased customer involvement in these activities, and new customer buying and consumption behaviors. This development also results in increasingly harsher competition. To be a winner in future markets, one has to understand this Dodsolycka pa hisingen development as well as the new market conditions that arise.

Marketing is about creating value for customers, suppliers, personnel, financiers, Dodsolycka pa hisingen, and other interested parties, in order to reach the goals of the organization.

Marketing thus plays an important role within overall business development and management.

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To achieve value creation, insights and skills in marketing and media management are essential. We intend to support the development of such Dodsolycka pa hisingen by providing our students with a host of useful resources, thus also helping students create value for themselves.

Our vision is that those who have successfully completed this marketing and media management specialization will be both the leaders and the winners of future marketing, in whatever line of business or market they choose to work, and that they will be Dodsolycka pa hisingen number one choice for companies recruiting their future top marketing directors.

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MCXL is Dodsolycka pa hisingen pioneering, full-semester education Dodsolycka pa hisingen creative business development, branding, and marketing communications offered at SSE.

The thesis may also be more theoretically oriented focusing on a general marketing problem. Typically, a thesis is written by two students as a group. In addition to the marketing research taught in the first year, training in research methods will be offered in parallel with the thesis project. Cooperation with companies and student projects All courses at SSE will be carried out in cooperation with one or more companies, allowing the students to follow real-life value creation processes from a number of different perspectives.

The student will carry out several course-related projects within this cooperation. This is achieved not only through a market-driven approach to production and distribution, but requires a market-oriented mindset throughout the entire organization.


We therefore expect that many of our students will become CEOs of thriving companies or leaders of prominent not-for-profit organizations. They may also be found in positions such as Marketing Directors, chief consultants, and experts on market-related issues.

Another possible career is to join a PhD program, perhaps with the "Dodsolycka pa hisingen" of becoming a Marketing Professor.


Strategic marketing for successful business development and management: Brand management and market ing communications: Snart väntar höstlovet. Sportfiskarna gör i år en rekordstor satsning med 47 fiskedagar för skollediga barn och ungdomar på 25 olika platser.

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Med fokus på det lokala och hjärtat på västkusten även utomhusreklambolaget Wallstreet Media med verksamhet i Göteborg och Stockholm. Nätapoteket Apotea har på några få år har vuxit ur sitt nuvarande.

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