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Det hander i dag 2007 09 15


There is a cow in my house Exhibiting new drawings — Gaining New Perspective: What are you looking for?

I helgen är Helen A...

Urban Ecosystems for innovation, what and who constructs the structure? What is really the use of education today? On the role of art for cultural and social development. Efva Lilja about her approach to choreography through dance, words and images.

A tour of Stockholm with Efva Lilja. A Societal Survival Strategy, a vision on "Det hander i dag 2007 09 15" researchKey note speaker. Chew at the edge of WorriesA performing lecture, Key note speaker. A performing lecture on artistic research, methodologies and the tricky question on documentation. About love and choreography in learning - or as practice and wild, rampant living. With all the sparkle you become myopic and your existence narrows down to trifles. How can art contribute to keep your eyes open and your lust alive?

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On Choreography as Text and Other Signs. Efva Lilja continues her exploration of choreographic strategies in drawings that becomes stories of their own in both still and moving images. Fellowship in the arts. The art of conversation. Panel discussion on artistic research as autonomous, complementary, performative. Programme available at www. Exhibition of sketches, scores, films and a seminar about and with Efva Lilja at the Swedish Institute in Athens.

Seminar, workshop and film. Dance, talk and film by and with Efva Lilja. The ceremony will take place in The City Hall of Stockholm.

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Efva Lilja will share her thoughts on contemporary dance art and its development in an international perspective. Dans i vilda sinnenfilm.

I helgen är Helen A...

Cow on the ice! To Live Reality Film: Ett mellanrum University College of Dance, Stockholm Lecture on the art of dance in school: Cow on the Ice! Lecture and video on artistic research. Download pdf Buenos Aires, Argentina Film: Holds no Memory and lecture on artistic research. A lecture on dance, video and performance: With the Eye in the Middle of Your Head. Dance For Better, For Worse, video. Homeward Bound, 1st price! Norrbys Medi Dresevic tyckte inte att det var lika kul i dag.

Det är andra gången det händer.

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[email protected] Telefon: – 07 – Nordisk berättardag, Föreningen Norden, Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden. Vad händer med konsten när konstnärer forskar?

– Nordisk berättardag, Föreningen Norden,...

. Shoot Dance For Screen LightModerna Museet Stockholm. Kalmar tingsrätt konstaterar att det rör sig om en våldtäkt och att Vi strävar efter förstahandskällor och att vara på plats där det händer.

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